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New Jersey begins gas rationing after Hurricane Sandy shortages

Published On: Nov 03 2012 06:11:56 PM EDT   Updated On: Nov 05 2012 05:24:45 AM EST

In New Jersey, gas rationing is underway to deal with shortages across the state.  But it did little to make the lines at Warren Co. gas stations any shorter.

It's not a Manhattan traffic jam, but it might as well be.  At the Pilot station off I-78 in Bloomsbury, N.J, the line stretched almost a mile for gas on Saturday.

"Craziness man, real craziness," said Vijay Shitij, Pilot's general manager.


Drivers came all the way from New York City to fill up.

"It would be a really long wait to fill up at home, not that I really mind waiting, but I'm afraid that once I get in line and I get up to the pump, there's no gas," said Stacey Lawhorne of Newark, N.J.

Gov. Chris Christie ordered gas rationing in 12 northern New Jersey counties, including Warren and Hunterdon.  License plates ending with letters or odd numbers can fill up on odd-numbered days, like November 3.  The rationing is in effect indefinitely.

"I think it's a good idea," said Kip Cleland of Bedminster, N.J.  "We went through this back in the 70s, I think we went through this."

Shitij said most drivers have followed the rules, but some had to be turned away.

"Some people, yeah," he said.

The rationing rules do not apply to gas canisters.  Charlie Dodgen drove from Morris Co. to fill up four of them.

"We have a generator," he said.  "Lost power, so we don't have power, so we need the fuel."

It's not just people who are driving in cars that are affected.  Truckers who make their living on the road are too.  They, however, did not have to wait in line.

"No," said Juan Nunez, a trucker from Miami, "because we fill a different -- we fuel diesel anyway."

So bring your gas canisters and your patience.  You'll need both.