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Wendi Stanford heading to trial in 2003 killing of newborn son

Published On: Nov 20 2013 05:03:03 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 20 2013 06:20:40 PM EST

A former Allentown woman accused of killing her baby 10 years ago is headed to trial.


A former Allentown woman accused of killing her baby 10 years ago is headed to trial.  

Investigators filed charges against Wendi Stanford after re-interviewing some witnesses earlier this year.

During the preliminary hearing Wednesday, Stanford's ex-husband testified he saw her strike the newborn, but her current husband said he never saw her act inappropriately toward her children.


Geoff Harbin testified he saw Stanford slap their infant son across the face for crying a month before he died in 2003.

Stanford sat quietly and shook her head as Harbin, who is now her ex-husband, testified the alleged incident happened during an argument they were having at their home on Walnut Street in Allentown.

Harbin said he didn't tell police about the alleged incident until 2013 because "I was married to her and I actually loved her. I guess you could say I was covering for her."

Judge Michael Faulkner also heard testimony about the night 2-1/2-month-old Christopher Dillon Harbin died.

The baby's grandfather, Donald Harbin, testified he was living with the couple at the time. The grandfather said the baby was acting normally in the hours leading up the moment Stanford alerted him the infant wasn't breathing.

The unresponsive baby was taken to the hospital and died several days later.

According to court documents, Stanford claimed the baby fell out of a baby swing several days before.

A doctor testified the skull fracture found on the baby would have rendered him unresponsive immediately.

The baby's father also testified that about a week before the baby died there was an incident in which the baby was clammy and Stanford feared he wasn't breathing, but EMTs determined the baby was fine.

Police said there were inconsistencies in Stanford's story, and shortly after the baby's death, the couple stopped talking to the police, according to court documents.

A grand jury reviewed the matter and did not return a presentment, but after investigators found out the couple had divorced, they were re-interviewed and charges were filed. 

Stanford was arrested in Alabama in September. She's now being held without bail at the Lehigh County Prison.