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Friday's record cold won't be matched Saturday

Published On: Jan 04 2014 12:39:53 PM EST
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Today: Mostly sunny and cold, but not as harsh. High: 25

Tonight: Partly cloudy early, then becoming cloudier late. Low: 15

Sunday: Mostly cloudy and not as cold with a little ice mixing with, then changing to rain. High: 37 Low: 33


After a chilly start to the day that saw a record of -4 tied in Allentown, we'll watch the temperatures rebound into the mid and upper 20s and low 30s this afternoon under mostly sunny skies.

Still on the chilly side of average by roughly 10 degrees but it's warmer and less windy than what we experienced on Friday. Overnight look for the clouds to increasing as temperatures fall back into the teens.

On Sunday a little precipitation in the form of an icy mix could move in right around daybreak, but any precipitation out there will either change over to or mix with rain by the afternoon. The rain will then continue on and off throughout the afternoon, evening, overnight and into Monday morning as temperatures continue to rise. In fact Sunday will be one of those days where the high comes in the late evening hours.

On the flip side of that, Monday's high will come during the morning and once the precipitation exits to the east by early Monday afternoon the temperatures are already dropping as the winds pick up. The cold air may catch up with some of the exiting precipitation on Monday, so while most will see it end as rain some could see it taper off as an icy mix or snow.

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