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  • Forecast Discussion

    Today: Brisk and cold with plenty of sunshine. High: 28

    Tonight: Clear and quite cold. Low: 6

    Thursday: Some sun will fade behind increasing clouds; some snow moves in at night. High: 30 Low: 26

    Brisk and cold conditions will be on tap for today with highs temperatures holding in the mid to upper 20s despite plenty of sunshine. Thursday will start off with some sunshine. but the cloud cover quickly increase once again as another clipper system approaches the region from the west. This storm is expected to bring us a period of snow starting around the evening commute on Thursday and then continuing through the overnight and into Friday before pulling away from the area. In its wake the area will be left with blustery conditions on Friday as the clouds clear and temperatures drop. Highs on Friday will be in the low 30s, but by the late afternoon most will have fallen back into the 20s.

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