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Woman saved from fire by dog

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:23:26 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 27 2013 08:02:07 AM EDT

Woman saved from fire by dog


A Bucks County woman was saved from fire by her dog.

Fire officials say if it wasn't for a furry little friend a fire early Sunday Morning may have been deadly.

First there was Cy Young winning Phillies and Cubs pitcher Fergie Jenkins.


Then along came the Fergalicious Black Eyed Pea.

But now, another Fergie is grabbing the spotlight after a fire in Solebury Township Bucks County.

It happened just after 4 a.m. Sunday when Deborah Ferguson's house caught fire and she didn't hear the smoke alarms going off.

"The dog came up into her room and actually jumped on the bed and started licking her face and woke her up. As soon as she awakened she heard the alarms then but the alarm hadn't woken her up," said Midway Fire Chief Hugh Hager.

The dog was a Maltese named Fergie.

Neighbors say Ferguson and Fergie made it through the smoke and out to safety.  They they watched firefighters battle the blaze from the curb.

"She just said she was glad she got out," said neighbor Laura Miller. "I think it's definitely tremendous because they both got out alive if you see the house."

One look at the house the next day and you know what Miller means.

 A charred shell is all that is left of the Ferguson home.

Over at the Midway Volunteer Fire company, Fergie is a hot topic of conversation.

The firefighters agreed. Fergie may not be a world class pitcher or a pop star, but the little pup is a definitely a hero.

Hager says it's not often he witnesses a four-legged friend saving the day.  

"Believe it or not a lot more than cats. Cats take care of themselves. Dog is man's best friend," said Hager.

Fire officials say a cause for the fire is under investigation.

Ferguson and Fergie are now staying with relatives in New Jersey.