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Water chestnut damaging Lake Towhee in Bucks County

Published On: Aug 19 2013 08:36:55 AM EDT

Plant overtakes Bucks lake


A foreign plant is wreaking havoc on a public lake in Bucks County.

County conservation officials say Lake Towhee is being overrun by the water chestnut.

They say the plant is damaging the health of the 40-acre lake, which is located in a county park just outside of Quakertown in Haycock Twp.

"It can basically out-compete and crowd out the native plants and it doesn't provide any good habitat to the the fish and birds here because it evolved over in Europe and Asia," said Meghan Rogalus, Bucks County Conservation District.

Conservation officials say it negatively impacts recreational activities such as fishing, boating and swimming.


But there are ways to combat the problem: some groups get volunteers to pull out the invasive weeds by hand and herbicides can be effective.