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Warminster Walmart employee fired

Published On: Oct 18 2013 06:56:44 PM EDT

Company says Faisal Behkir violated company policy

"We have gentlemen come take baby formula for almost like 7 times and we catch him on the camera," said former Warminster Walmart employee Faisal Behlkir. 

The Whitehall resident  was working as a loss prevention specialist for six months when he finally caught up with the alleged baby formula thief in September.

"I tell him I want to see the receipt. He recognize me then then what he did he pushed the shopping cart,  hurts me here the cart fall down with all the formula in the floor," said Belkhir.


Belkhir says after the man assaulted him he chased him out of the store and tackled him on the ground.

"I did not hurt him. I did not do anything wrong with the policy of Walmart. What I did,  I did good job for Walmart to bring this guy to justice," said Belkhir.

But that's not the way Walmart sees it.

Company officials say Belkhir violated company policy by using excessive force on a shoplifter after he was told not to by store officials.

Walmart says Belkhir put himself and others at risk and the reason for their policies are for everyone's safety.

So Belkhir was terminated.

Meantime, Police arrested the baby formula thief, who according to court records, has an extensive retail theft rap sheet.

Belkhir is subpoenaed to testify against him next month.

Belkhir says he thinks Walmart needs to rethink its policies, especially after a Michigan employee was fired for stopping an assault in a Walmart parking lot.

But after Walmart reviewed the information, the employee got his job back.

"Put his life in jeopardy to help other citizen and Walmart they come to fire him that's wrong. Wrong thing to do for person try to help you, try to help your company and Walmart if big company all over the world and they have to appreciate people that work for them what they do for them," said Belkhir.

Belkhir says he asked for a second chance...

But Walmart officials said no.