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Theft charges dropped against Danawa Buchanan

Published On: Jan 29 2014 04:24:27 PM EST

A 64-year-old caregiver who stole thousands of dollars had charges against her dismissed her in Bucks County Court Tuesday after she agreed to make restitution to her elderly victim.

The case against Danawa Olivia Buchanan was scheduled for trial when prosecutors reached an agreement under what is called a "section 529 disposition," explained  Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Mark Furber.

Furber said such an agreement allows charges to be dismissed upon satisfaction of conditions laid out by prosecutors.


Under the agreement, Buchanan must give give up a home she purchased using $161,000 in stolen funds from the  victim. That home will now go to the victim's guardian, who is expected to it and use the proceeds for care of the victim.

The agreement was seen as the only potential of getting restitution for the victim, Furber said. He added prosecutors are confident Buchanan poses no threat to anyone else. He said charges can be reinstated if Buchanan fails to comply with the agreement.

Buchanan was arrested and charged with theft last April.

Furber explained that between April 2011 and November 2012, Buchanan was the victim's caregiver but stole money from several accounts belonging to the victim, including a trust account which was supposed to be left to two beneficiaries.

Furber said the money was placed in accounts in Buchanan's name and the name of a false non-profit organization Buchanan set up herself.

Furber says Buchanan used some of the stolen money to purchase a home in Tinicum Township prior to her arrest. That is the home being transferred to the victim's guardian.