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Bucks County town wants bikers to 'rev it down'

Published On: Jul 15 2013 08:28:51 AM EDT

New Hope want bikers to rev it down


New Hope Borough in Bucks County is a popular destination for many tourists including bikers.

But some business owners, residents and tourists are fed up with the level of noise coming from the motorcycles.

That's why the Chamber of Commerce is asking bikers to "Rev it Down."

The chamber hopes signs will get the message out.

"We appreciate their business. We think motorcyclists are an attraction for tourists," said Connie Gearing, Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce.


And police are helping to keep the noise level down.

New Hope's Police chief says cops are on the lookout for bikers who ride in low gear at high revolutions.

"They come here, they spend money. We recognize that but they don't own the town when they come here," said Police Chief Michael Cummings.

John Hamilton of Philadelphia has been a biker for more than 25 years and he says loud pipes save lives.

"I'm riding 27 years. I've lost friends and lots of friends are crippled and the first thing the driver says is, 'I didn't see you, I didn't hear you.' So it's not to be obnoxious-- it's to let you know I'm coming," Hamilton said.