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Police: Couple's young boys tested positive for cocaine

Published On: Dec 24 2013 09:59:03 AM EST   Updated On: Oct 05 2013 06:48:24 PM EDT

Police say a toddler and his 5-year-old brother both tested positive for cocaine.


Police say a Bucks County toddler and his  5-year-old brother both tested positive for cocaine and other drugs.  Now, the boys' parents are facing child endangerment and other charges.

Investigators said an unassuming home on East Butler Ave. in Chalfont was a den of drug abuse -- and allegedly, child abuse.

"Obviously, a small child having narcotics within his system was a big surprise," said Sgt. Robert Milligan with Chalfont Police.


Parents Steven Aprigliano and Jennifer Jackson now face charges.  It all started when Jackson called 911 back in May.

"The report was that of a toddler who was unresponsive, and his lips were turning blue," said Milligan.

According to court documents, tests determined the one-year-old child had ingested cocaine within the past 24 to 48 hours.  Later, the couple's other child, a five-year-old son, also tested positive for traces of opiates and amphetamines.

"It is shocking for small children, especially, being involved," Milligan said.  "That, obviously, is a major concern."

Police searched the home and found bags they believe were used for heroin, according to court records.  Jackson allegedly admitted to being a heroin user. 

Court papers said Aprigliano claimed he'd been wearing a Fentanyl patch typically used for chronic pain.  The patch contains opiates.  Aprigliano said the patch might have rubbed against his sons while they wrestled with them.

"As a parent, it concerns me, but paramount is the welfare of any child," said Milligan.

A woman who was living with the couple told police she saw the toddler with a straw in his mouth, according to arrest papers.  She said it appeared to be used to ingest cocaine.

 This isn't the only trouble for the couple.  Their landlord is suing them for $12,000, claiming they trashed the Butler Ave. house and didn't pay their rent on time.  It's the second time a landlord has sued the couple since 2008.

Friday, Aprigliano and Jackson asked a judge to allow supervised visits with their two boys.  The judge will consider the request during a conference next week.