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Upper Perkiomen School Board holds off on budget talks, discussion of cuts

Published On: Apr 12 2013 12:28:43 AM EDT

The Upper Perkiomen School Board postponed its proposed budget discussion at its meeting on Thursday night.

The Multipurpose Room of the Upper Perkiomen Education Center was standing room only for the School Board meeting with community members concerned about rumored cuts to various programs throughout the District.

According to School Board President William Scott, the rumored cuts were “a misunderstanding between the administration and the Board.”


“I want to apologize for the rumors,” expressed Scott. “There are some very hard decisions that this board is facing because of budget constraints,” he continued.

According to Scott, three budget proposals will be presented at the Board meeting to be held on April 25th. Although Scott stated that the rumors are the result of a miscommunication, he did inform the audience that there is a possibility of severe cuts in the coming weeks to help balance the budget.

“Everything in the budget is open for scrutiny to help us reach our budget,” commented Scott.

Along with rumored severe cuts including kindergarten, sports, the arts, and transportation, the custodial staff throughout the district is in jeopardy of losing their jobs. One option that will be proposed to the Board at the April 25th meeting is to outsource the custodial staff throughout the District.

The expected savings that the District would see by outsourcing these staff members is more than $200,000.

However, the proposed savings did little to change the minds of audience members present at the meeting. Teachers, students, and community members stood before the Board to express their gratitude to the current custodial staff throughout the District. Audience members shared stories of janitors fixing pencil sharpeners, desk chairs, and portable fans and questioned if an outsourced company would provide the personal service that the District employees and students current receive.

The Board made no decision regarding any cuts or budgetary issues at their meeting Thursday night. All decisions will be made at the April 25th meeting.