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Rain quickly fills creek, overflows, floods roads

Published On: Jan 30 2013 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 31 2013 11:31:25 PM EST

Small streams and creeks in our area were running high after Wednesday's heavy rains.

Small streams and creeks in our area were running high after Wednesday's heavy rains.

The high water washed out roads and bridges in one part of Montgomery County.
1.8 inches of rain fell in Schwenksville borough forcing Perkiomen creek to overflow its banks.

The high water forced the closure of several roads causing headaches for a lot of drivers.


Drivers are forced to turn around on Park Avenue in Schwenksville all because about two feet of water covered a small bridge on Park Avenue that runs along Perkiomen Creek in Montgomery County.

The creek overflowed its banks Thursday after nearly borough officials say two inches of rain fell in this area Wednesday night.

"It's usually not this quick at night," said driver Ed Tinker. "You usually have a little more indication."

A barrier that had been set up blocking access to this road was removed fooling drivers in to thinking the road was open.

"I was gonna go down to the haircut place now I have to go all the way around outta my way," said Bruce Nice. "I didn't know it was this bad."

Schwenksville's Borough Manager says it is not unusual for this bridge off of Routes 29 and 73 to flood, but what is unusual is the length of time it took for the water to recede.

"It can be pretty frustrating," said Tinker. "Instead of going down you're 1/2 mile away now you have to go up and around Spring Mountain."

The high water covering the bridge along Park Avenue receded this afternoon and reopened around 3:15.

Plank Road and the road leading to Graterford prison along Route 29 were also closed for a time today from high water.