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Montgomery County Courthouse to go green

Published On: Apr 18 2013 02:58:59 PM EDT


The Montgomery County Commissioners awarded a contract Thursday to Constellation NewEnergy Inc. to transform the county courthouse into a green beacon for the surrounding area.

It has been estimated that the courthouse uses more than $600,000 in energy each year, so the department of assets and infrastructure has been exploring ways to turn the courthouse into a more energy efficient building.

By awarding the contract to Constellation NewEnergy Inc., of Fort Washington, the county said it expects to have significant electrical, gas, and water savings, which will pay for the contract over time.


“At some point, it is anticipated that we will make money out of this,” commented Commissioner Bruce Castor.

With the changes that Constellation NewEnergy Inc. plans to make to the existing building, there will be a net gain each year, but the commissioners were unsure of the exact dollar amount.

"Ultimately, we will realize significant savings right away," said Commissioner Chairman Joshua Shapiro. "As time goes on, our dollar savings will grow as we pay off the project."

The commissioners approved the contract by a unanimous vote.