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Group in favor of gun ownership draws hundreds in Bucks County

Published On: Feb 19 2013 11:50:47 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 20 2013 08:39:21 AM EST

Gun owners rally in Bucks County


Gun owners of Bucks County are rallying together against the White House's recent push toward tighter gun control laws and gun registration.

The pro-gun ownership group, which originally consisted of 10 concerned citizens, has drawn in hundreds of individuals who are ready to get involved, standing up for the rights our Founding Fathers have presented.

Tuesday evening, more than 200 gun owners gathered at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) building in Warminster to discuss the Second Amendment, federal rights, and legislation regarding firearms.


President Obama has created 23 executive orders in direct response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which puts stronger enforcement on background checks for gun owners and gives more funding to researching gun violence.

The concerned group values their rights to bear arms, as is stated in the Constitution.

This was the second meeting of the group bringing out hundreds in favor of their right to own firearms.

Introductory speaker Steve Onufrey told those in attendance they are there to do two things: provide education to inform people about what is taking place and give ideas on what citizens can do to take action in addressing these issues.

The Concerned Gun Owners stated they "oppose all forms of firearm registration, oppose further restrictions to the types of firearms and magazines a law abiding citizen can own and [do not support] any additional federal gun control legislation."

The group heard a 2-hour presentation from six different speakers supporting the 2nd Amendment. "Among these [rights] are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are granted to us by God, and not granted to us by government," said Dave Sager, one of the speakers at the meeting. Speakers suggested that the government enforce current gun laws instead of putting restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

"We hear from the government that universal registration of firearms would reduce crime, does it also include the criminals?," Representative Paul Clymer of the 145th District asked, "Shouldn't they be asked to asked to registered their weapons as well?"

Clymer explained that the Second Amendment needs support and the right to bear arms is not the cause of violence. "Video [games] show killing people is okay, Hollywood itself shows automatic weapons," Clymer suggested aspect of today's culture in society are more at fault than those who own guns. "We need to put more emphasis on the sanctity of marriage," he stated, suggesting the United States has drifted from ideals of why our country was founded. Carlo Grilletto spoke on the history of gun control and actions shows that with more guns, society sees less crime.

"We need to eliminate schools as soft targets," Jim Vetter said, giving immediate solutions for school violence, "If somebody is there, and they're confronted, these people are cowards in the end." Vetter stated if there would have been people armed at the school in Sandy Hook, the massacre "would have been shut down." Speakers stated the dangers of "gun-free zones," which only allow those who are armed to have the upper hand.

The group spoke in favor of House Bill No. 357 which would allow any Federal law that attempts to register, restrict or ban a firearm or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm to be unenforceable in the Commonwealth. The Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County are planning to attend a rally in Harrisburg on April 23 to show their support for the Second Amendment. "If [the Second Amendment] collapses, I see danger ahead," Clymer told the gun owners, "America is in trouble if we lose this battle," fearing that the rights to the First Amendment would soon be at stake, as well.

"Disarming lawful citizens does not work," William Marsh, a business owner in Warminster, stated, "The largest genocides in history are "democides". We are certain a "democide" will never happen here because the American people are well armed."

Communication, public organizing, group outreach, a Constitutional Sheriff initiative and legislative lobbying and engagement action groups were formed as a way for the group to get their word out. Everyone who attended is encouraged to gather ten more names on the petitions to their next meeting, speaking up for their 'rights and dignity that the Constitution provides.'

"This isn't a Republican issue," Vetter said, "This thing cuts across [party lines]."