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Dogs to be euthanized after attacking three people in Pottstown

Published On: Mar 16 2013 09:26:45 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 16 2013 06:48:34 PM EDT

Dogs attack in Pottstown


A group of dogs go on the attack in Montgomery County.  Three people are violently bitten, two of them just good Samaritans trying to help.  The brutal attacks happened around 4 Friday afternoon.  Police say the three dogs involved were mixed breeds and all of the attack victims were adults, two women and a man.  Saturday we're learning more about the aggressive encounters.

"I saw a lot of meat hanging from his calf and that's really all I saw, I mean he had extensive damage to the back of his calf."

This eyewitness asked that we don't show her identity.  She was driving home from work Friday and saw the second mauling first hand near Adams and Wilson Streets in Pottstown.


"I saw a gentleman running and three dogs chasing him and then they started attacking and biting.  He was kicking at them and they were just completely going at him, biting him full force all three of them at one time."

It happened in broad daylight.  Police tell us the first female victim was no stranger to the dogs.  Witnesses say for some reason the canines bit and dragged her.  That's when we're told two bystanders tried to rescue the woman from the pack of dogs, and were mangled themselves.

"We just wrapped enough jackets around him to put pressure on his wounds and stop the bleeding, because he was bleeding pretty bad."

All three victims were taken to area hospitals.  The man was rushed to Reading's trauma center.

"He had several wounds, one on his upper arm, one on his wrist and one on his calf that I know of."  

We went to the owner's house Saturday but no one was home.  Officers tell us all three dogs have been surrendered and will be euthanized.  Some people are now praising the selfless acts of the good Samaritans who stepped in.

"I think he's a hero, I think what he did he put his life in danger to help somebody else and I think he's the true hero here."

Police say the owner is cooperating with officers and the investigation continues.  No word on the victim's names or conditions.