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Concerned gun owners hold rally in Bucks County

Published On: Mar 11 2013 12:47:20 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 03 2013 03:38:06 PM EST

As the Obama administration looks for ways to crack down on certain types of guns, people across the country who are opposed to the While House plan are standing up to defend the right to bear arms.  A rally was held Saturday in Doylestown to show support for the 2nd Amendment.  Hundreds of people packed the sidewalks near the Bucks County Courthouse to demonstrate their rights.

For those who believe in the second amendment.

"It's one of those rights where if it's ever taken away it will not be given back," said Nicole Gibson.


And are concerned about the possibility of stricter gun laws.

"I want my great-great-grandchildren to fire for sport or for protection," shared Frank Morrissette.

The 2nd Amendment rally served as a chance to speak up.

"I'm here not only because of guns but because of liberty," shared Dave Sager with Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County.

Close to 200 people showed up.  Many of them carrying guns, flags or signs to support and defend their rights.

"Just because someone does not like guns doesn't mean our rights should be taken away," explained Morrissette.

"We have a concern about the direction the country is taking right now in the 2nd Amendment," said Sager.  "And we still have an issue about safety of children in schools."

Recently President Obama has taken aim at stricter gun laws including background checks, an assault weapon ban and limits on ammunition magazines.  The legislation would not take away firearms, but folks are concerned it could lead to that.  They are firing back.

"We felt like we needed to come out so that we could express our concern with the laws that are being considered to be passed," described Gibson.  "We feel like our rights are being violated."

Gibson brought her entire family to the rally as a lesson that freedom is not free.

"I want people, even if they do not consider owning a firearm, to really seriously think about the repercussions of disallowing anyone to own a firearm," she said.

The entire protest lasted about an hour.