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3 Pottstown football players suspended for firing BB gun at school; 2 other players wounded

Published On: Dec 24 2013 01:03:04 PM EST   Updated On: Oct 25 2013 11:48:25 PM EDT

Football players suspended following B.B. gun incident at Pottstown H.S.


BB gun shots were fired at a Montgomery County high school. The Pottstown Superintendent says three senior high football players shot two fellow teammates. They could be facing criminal charges.

"Stupid. Idiotic," said parent Robert Jerdon.

The Pottstown Superintendent says that three senior male students discharged a BB pistol in the community while driving. He says they then went onto the school grounds and shot one fellow teammate in the head and another in the back.


"Surprised something like this happened. Especially the same football players. I do not understand what is going on," said grandparent Steven Warren.

Some Pottstown residents are being understanding.

"It is just silly. Kids being kids doing stupid things. I am just glad it was not something more serious like a gun," said parent Derrick Johnson.

But the school district thought it was a serious enough offense to suspend all three students for 10 days.

"Clearly this type of action is dangerous to all and it is important that we send a message to these students, and all of our students in our community, that the safety and well being of all of our staff and students is the highest priority," said Pottstown School District Director of Community Relations John Armato.

Parents we have spoken with are not too concerned because they do not think is going to be a reoccurring issue on school grounds.
"Not really concerned with it because it is an isolated incident. So not too worried about it. But it is kind of really stupid," said Jerdon.
"I guess it was just an isolated incident that happened. Probably just some kids playing games but unfortunately something like that happens," said Warren.

School administrators found a BB pistol, BB's, CO2 cartridges and a substance suspected to be marijuana in the vehicle the males were driving in. In addition to school suspension, the teens could face criminal charges.

"Hopefully they learn their lesson," said Johnson.