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Second Chances: Tyler Rodgers of Easton's Safe Harbor-Part 2

Published On: Feb 06 2014 06:10:08 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 06 2014 06:10:00 PM EST

He's gone from being a drug user to helping people turn their lives around.


He's gone from being a drug user to helping people turn their lives around.

Tyler Rogers is now the director of a local shelter, and he admits the road to recovery was not easy.

Tyler Rogers says the easiest part of his job is being a person people can relate to because he's a former addict.

It's that experience he uses to help other recovering addicts.

At 22, Tyler Rogers thought he was living the good life.

He was a stock broker, with a lots of money, money he used to buy a lot of booze, drugs, and an expensive car.

"I had $130,000 saved in the bank," said Rogers. "I went out and bought a Porsche Boxster. I paid $52,500 cash, walked into a New York Dealership, paid them in cash."

The fast life would catch up to him.

Rogers still has pictures of his car, shot up during a drug deal gone bad.

He also has one of the bullets in his side.

"I was definitely living a life that I thought was showing people an extravagant lifestyle, but absolutely not living it," added Rogers.

It took just six months to blow close to $80,000.

Rogers then spent the next five years homeless, and finding ways to feed his habit.

He hit rock bottom in Tijuana, Mexico.

"I started my addiction with a group of four others," said Rogers. "To this day three of them are dead."

Tyler Rogers did get clean and now he is helping others do the same as the executive director of Safe Harbor Easton..

Once a month, Rogers still goes out and looks for people living on the streets in Easton and Warren county New Jersey.

He knows where many of the camps are, and the pitfalls that could lead him to relapse.

Like finding this heroin needle.

"This dumb little needle could take away my kids, could take away my wife, could take away my job, could take away my livelihood," said Rogers.

Tyler Rogers says he's always felt his life was spared so he could help others.

"I do what I do everyday because it keeps me clean. And it allows me to be a role model and example to them."

You'll find Rogers at the shelter day program, counseling in his office, and spreading the message of recovery to others.

"You don't unlearn the behaviors of becoming an addict," said Rogers. "We're always going to have those in us. So we have to stop sometimes and say hey listen that's the old thinking."

Tyler Rogers says each day he's taking full advantage of his second chance.

"It took me a million times until I got it," added Rogers. "I could say I was given so many second chances and there was always that one person that didn't give up on me."

Tyler Rogers has been in recovery for nine years.
He says the toughest part about his job, hearing a person say they don't need help.