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Potholes pose problems around the region

Published On: Jan 13 2014 06:05:43 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 13 2014 06:53:24 PM EST

Now that last week's deep freeze has thawed, drivers are facing potholes on the roads.


Now that last week's deep freeze has thawed, drivers are facing potholes on the roads.

Potholes are causing problems for drivers and their cars. Over the weekend a big one in Upper Providence Township, Montgomery County forced several drivers to pull over to the side of the road because of damage to cars.

"The tire was completely flat and it was a big pothole," said one driver.

"Both of my hubcaps fell off of the front and rear of my passenger side," said another driver.

In Pennsburg, Montgomery County, Rick's Towing is staying busy.

"Last evening we had six vehicles just at one pothole," said Stacey Kolb with Rick's. "Damage to the rims, blowing out the side walls of the tires, all that."

Kolb towed Fred Scherzer's van Monday.

"I'm just driving along and all the sudden I heard a pop, and I'm not sure if there's something in the road or a pothole , I probably think it's a pothole," said Scherzer.

Young's Tire and Automotive Center in Pennsburg is seeing a variety of damage with a variety of price tags.

"Damaged wheels and tires," said Assistant Manager Rich Endy. "Average cost of tires is probably $120, $130."

"$475 for a wheel," he added.

"The freezing and thawing is the big culprit of it all," said Kolb. "I do find that in the evening it's harder to see the potholes so you have to be extra careful in evenings that they're not visible."

"I think it is a little worse this year," said Endy. "I think that subzero temperatures we had the other week is what really made them pop up."

Depending on the road, PennDOT and local municipalities should be filling the potholes. PennDOT tells 69 News it has crews out every day filling them. You can report potholes to PennDOT by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD.