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Pawlowski praises President's work

Published On: Sep 05 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 06 2012 06:33:48 PM EDT

President Obama will make his case for four more years on Pennsylvania Avenue.


President Obama will make his case for four more years on Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Most of the delegates we spoke with say the President needs to be very specific in his speech and Mayor Ed Pawlowski of Allentown says he thought that too up until Wednesday night.


He says the speech by President Clinton was the perfect setup.

"He really outlined point-by-point every argument that the Republicans have been making and did it, I think in a very respectful way, saying here's the facts, this is why you should vote for this president, this is what he's done over the course of the last several years and I thought he just did a phenomenal job," said Pawlowski.

When it comes to specifics, Mayor Palowski says the Obama Administration has been good to Allentown starting with the federal funding of the COPs program.

"We got those 20 cops and we're just now finishing hiring them so I dont think people even realize the true benefit of what this President has done for the city of Allentown," said Pawlowski.

He also points to new infrastructure like the American Parkway Bridge.

"We got a bridge, a $60 million, federally funded bridge thats been talked about for 50 years that this president funded which is going to start construction in the next month," said Pawlowski.

The challenge, of course, for Democrats will be keeping up the pace set here at the DNC.

"We're energized here in the convention but I don't know how people are back home," said delegate and City Council President Julio Guridy.

Guridy says there's no time to waste and wants voters to be ready for the new ID law.

"It is a law now so there's no playing around and waiting for the last minute. We want to make sure people come to us if they don't have an ID so we can get it to them and facilitate it.," he said.