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DNC gears up for Obama's speech

Published On: Sep 06 2012 09:01:11 AM EDT

DNC finale


Democrats get one more day to make their case at the Democratic National Convention before delegates pack up and bring the message home.

On tap for Thursday night: Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama.

This is the big finale. Speeches that were supposed to be very Denver-esque: taking place outside in a open air stadium. Instead they will be here at the Time Warner Arena with a capacity of 21,000.


"This president gets the middle class- he understands the American dream because he lived it," said John Callahan, Bethlehem mayor.

It's a message he'll now have to deliver inside to a much smaller crowd.

The original idea was to have the President speak at the Bank of America stadium but Charlotte has already seen rain here every day since Saturday.

A forecast of thunderstorms forced the change in plans. Indoors or out, chair of the Montgomery County commissioners, Joshua Shapiro, will be listening.

"He needs to talk about his record in a way that helps people understand all of the great accomplishments he's had but then most importantly - talk about how those accomplishments lead to a better future for them and things he wants to do in his second term," Shapiro said.

Shapiro says he needs to reassure that suburban sensibility, addressing good education, job creation and investment in new technologies, emerging companies.

"Look these are challenging times- right? And so we're not talking as we did two or three cycles ago about what to do with the surplus," Shapiro said. "We're talking about making really tough choices in government. And I bet people in the suburbs- people in Bucks, in Berks, in Montgomery County- want to see the type of values that this president espouses."

'He gets what they're going through and he's going to do everything he can do to get our economy moving and make sure that everyone that wants a job- can have a job- and everyone who works hard, plays fair, and plays by the rules, will have an opportunity in this country," Callahan said.