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Police: Brian Eck enters Muhlenberg diner, makes surprising confession

Published On: Oct 07 2013 05:36:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 07 2013 06:06:38 PM EDT

A man is awaiting arraignment after police said he caused chaos in Muhlenberg Township.


A man is awaiting arraignment after police said he caused chaos in Muhlenberg Township, and after his alleged crime spree, police said the man went to a local diner and confessed.

"My son-in-law went running out to go check and see what was going on and I followed a couple of minutes after. He confronted the guy outside. The guy took off running," said John Kulaga, of Muhlenberg Township.

Brian Eck, 26, of Exeter Township, was behind a rash of burglaries Sunday morning, police said.


The residents were first alerted of the suspect when they heard one of their car alarms going off. They then found their garage door had been kicked in.

"The garage door was kicked in and the table was upset and there was a little closet in there that had a couple things laying around. But he really did not take anything," said Kulaga.

Eck broke into three vehicles near the 4900 block of 8th Avenue and a garage, said police, adding that he also damaged the drive-thru at Citizens Bank.

Eck is also accused of breaking into two additional vehicles in the 800 block of Mt. Laurel Ave and a second garage.

After the burglaries, police said he walked into the 5th Street Diner.

"He was saying he is afraid. He started crying, as a matter of fact. He was very upset. And he said, 'Call the police,'" said Diana Storr, an diner employee.

So, staff at the diner called police and told them about the distraught man.

"There was a man in the diner not wearing a shirt, acting strange. When our officers arrived at the diner, the man was confronted. He put his hands up and said, 'I did it. I also crashed a semi tonight,'" said Sgt. Joel Marino, Muhlenberg Twp. Police Dept.

At this point, police said they do not know what semi Eck is talking about, but the homeowners positively identified him and police said they found his wallet at one of the scenes.

Eck is facing two counts each of burglary and criminal trespassing and six counts each of criminal attempt and criminal mischief.