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Severed animal heads found in Monroe County

Published On: Mar 10 2014 07:41:43 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 10 2014 02:32:58 PM EDT

Severed animal heads found in Monroe Co.


Patricia Drive in Tunkhannock Twp., Monroe Co., isn't a very busy road. Friday, that's exactly where a woman walking her dogs made a grisly discovery.

"I have never seen anything like this ever," said Mary Zeldenrust.

Something on the side of the road caught Zeldenrust's attention. She says it looked like dishes and a tablecloth.


"I noticed there was feathers sticking out of one of the plates upright and it was kinda unusual, so I went closer."

Arranged on two terra cotta colored plates were the severed heads of two young goats and a pair of chickens.

Feathers and shells were placed around the animal heads. The bodies of the chickens were sitting on a third plate. Zeldenrust says the apparent display was disturbing.

"It was difficult to comprehend what I was even seeing," she explained.

Zeldenrust speculates the goat and chicken remains may have been some kind of ritual or animal sacrifice. Experts at the Bethlehem shop 'Into the Myst' agree.

"It could be an amateur trying shock value or it could be someone marking territory, making some kind of offering to a spirit that's specific to that location," described metaphysical researcher Jame Jacob Pierri.

The problem is, figuring out if it's a form of devotion or meant to cause fear is pretty hard. Perri says some spiritual groups do perform animal sacrifice, but they are typically done in private, not grotesquely displayed in public.

"There is no set way things like that are performed," added Pierri. "To pinpoint any specific group or sect of group be really hard and it would be disrespectful to point fingers at anybody."

He says folks in the area should be slightly concerned, and keep their eyes open.

"Be cautious, but don't become paranoid. Just watch for a repeat of this, and if not, just let it go," Pierri shared.

Zeldenrust tells us she reported the animal remains to local police.