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Lamont Scott charged with abusing his dog

Published On: Aug 02 2013 09:48:58 PM EDT

Eight animal cruelty charges have been filed against Lamont Anthony Scott of East Stroudsburg, who is accused of abusing his dog for months.

The dog, which is less than a year old, suffered 29 different fractures but Scott refused to take her to a vet, according to the police complaint.

 Scott was seen punching the female dog in the head with his closed fist and twice picking her up and throwing her down a flight of wooden steps in his home at  89 Henry St. in East Stroudsburg, according to that complaint.


The dog, named Lexi, is described as a tan-and-white female pit bull terrier.

The charges were brought against Scott by Elizabeth Anderson, a police officer with the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who investigated the case.

On June 1, the PSPCA received a complaint that the dog was limping for weeks, underweight and had lacerations on her face. The person who made that complaint heard the dog yelping and night and thought the owner was beating her.

Scott allegedly told one neighbor the dog had been hit by a car. He told another that he accidentally stepped on her paw. He told a third person that a metal dog crate fell on Lexi.

Scott initially told Anderson the dog belonged to his brother and that he could not afford vet bills.

With the owner's permission, Anderson took the dog to a local veterinarian, where X-rays revealed the 29 fractures. The vet determined those fractures were caused by repeated beatings and abuse over a period of many weeks.

Lexi was taken from Scott. She has been hospitalized since June 3 and undergone surgery twice.