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Caller scams Carbon Co. resident out of $2,500 in drug ploy

Published On: Aug 21 2013 01:36:17 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 21 2013 01:43:04 PM EDT

Money Pak card


Don't fall for this scam.

Police said a caller swindled $2,500 from a Carbon County resident Friday by telling the person an arrest warrant  had been issued for them.

The caller identified themselves as a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent, and that a package shipped to the Towamensing Twp., resident had been intercepted and contained narcotics.


Since the DEA had seized the package, a warrant had been issued, police said, but then the caller said the victim could pay a $2,500 fine and the warrant would be canceled.

According to police, the call talked to the victim for three hours and eventually convinced them to buy $2,500 in Money Pak cards "in order to avoid criminal arrest", then provided the victim instructions on where to buy the cards.

Towamensing Police warn everyone that various frauds and scams are being perpetuated by computer and telephone that involve the caller demanding the victims pay fines with Money Pak cards to avoid prosecution or other alleged penalties.

Most perpetrators claim to be federal law enforcement agencies. If you receive such a call, notify police.

In another common scam making the rounds, people are being contacted by someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, advising them they've won a prize.

However, in order to claim the prize, you must drive somewhere, buy a Green Dot Money Pak card or money order, pay a shipping, handling or delivery fee, prepay taxes, pay a deposit, give a credit card number, call a 900  number or purchase a product with a 'discount voucher.'

Police say if you are asked to do any of the above OR provide any type of payment, fee or personal information, it is NOT affiliated in any way with the real Publishers Clearing House.

Anyone who feels they've been the victim of a fraudulent contact using the Publishers Clearing House name can contact that company at 1-800-392-4190.

If you are unsure what to do, contact your local police department.

Anyone with information about the incident in Towamensing Twp. is asked to call the police at 215-368-7606.