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Bear spotted walking down Stroudsburg's Main Street

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:02:50 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 23 2013 07:21:48 AM EDT

Bear strolls thru Stroudsburg


Bob Maculloch was sitting outside his shop Remedy Thursday afternoon when he got a wild surprise.

"I looked up and sure enough, there was a baby black bear trotting down the street doing some window shopping," he said with a smile.

The store owner grabbed his cell phone and snapped a picture. You can clearly see the black bear walking down the sidewalk.


"We see a lot of things on Main Street in Stroudsburg, but not often bears," laughed Maculloch.

The young bear was spotted all across the Pocono town. One picture shows it walking across a busy road. It was definitely the talk of the town in this part of Monroe County.

"This bear walked by tons of people and had no interest in these people," said Christy Connolly. "Just walked right down Main Street."

Over at Jock N Jill's Sports Bar & Grill, owner Barry Lynch got it all on tape. Surveillance cameras were rolling as the bear roamed the area.

"You can see where he went down Main Street and then he crossed over Seventh Street," he explained.

Lynch was outside with customers as the bear ran by around 2:30 p.m. He says it was just two feet from where he was standing.

"He was lost, he was stopping, looking around, running," described Lynch. "Distressed would maybe be the best way to put it."

Workers at the Sarah Street Grill say the bear ran through the parking lot before jumping over a fence. Now neighbors are wondering what happened to it. Most people say the unexpected visitor was a nice surprise. But it had Connolly on edge.

"If it felt like it was in danger, or trapped, or cornered, it could hurt someone, and that's not a bear's intention," she added. "So I was just nervous about it being in such a public place."

It's unclear where the roaming bear ended up. Calls to wildlife officials and local police were not returned.

Witnesses say officers were tracking the bear as it walked around Stroudsburg.

"To me, bears are welcome on Main Street, I don't know if everyone would agree with that," said Maculloch. "But it was a nice, bright spot of the day."