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Girlfriend charged in Carbon Co. shooting, police say

Published On: Sep 18 2012 12:07:36 PM EDT

 Police in Carbon Co. have arrested a woman in connection with the shooting of her boyfriend early Monday.

Eleanor Figuccio, 25, of 198 S. First St., was arrested Monday.

According to police records, Figuccio broke into her apartment around 3:40 a.m. because she'd left her keys inside.


She took clothing with her when she left earlier in the evening because she believed her boyfriend of two years -- Anthony Chillari-- was cheating on her with another woman.

When she got into the apartment, she was met by Chillari, who had a 9 mm handgun in his possession, and he told her to leave, police said.

Figuccio refused and tried to get by Chillari, but he kept pushing her back, telling her to leave the apartment. During the altercation, she was pushed to the ground.

Figuccio told police that Chillari then pointed the gun to her head and told her to leave or he'd shoot her. He then grabbed one of her legs to try to drag her out of the apartment, set the gun down and tried to grab her other leg.

Figuccio then kicked him and he fell to his knees.  She grabbed the gun off the floor and pointed it at Chillari, police said. He tried to grab it from her and it went off, hitting him in the hand and thigh.

Police said the woman Chillari was having an affair with--Emily Moyer--came out from the bedroom and helped hold Figuccio down until police arrived.

Figuccio faces two charges of simple assault and one count of recklessly endangering another person.