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    Today: A mix of sun and clouds with low humidity.  High: 76
    Tonight: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 53
    Wednesday: A blend of clouds and sun (PM shower in Poconos possible). High: 80 Low: 60

    Today will be less humid with a mix of sunshine and clouds. Afternoon high temperatures will hold in the middle 70s which is more typical of mid-September. Wednesday and Thursday will be similar with highs in the lower 80s with a mix of sun and clouds. There can be an afternoon shower in some locations as well, mostly north of the Lehigh Valley.

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  • Prince Charles, Diana kissing at 1981 wedding


    On this day: July 29

    Vincent van Gogh dies, the Summer Olympics return after World War II, Jack Paar debuts on the "Tonight" show, Dylan crashes his motorcycle, and Prince Charles marries Diana, all on this day.