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Conference marks 35th anniversary of TMI accident

Published On: Mar 28 2014 11:01:40 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 28 2014 04:16:37 PM EDT

TMI 35 years later


Friday marked 35 years since the nation's worst nuclear accident on Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh and former federal nuclear engineer Harold Denton are among the speakers at a two-day event marking the anniversary of the partial core meltdown at the nuclear power plant located in Dauphin County.

The conference hosted by Penn State Harrisburg started Thursday afternoon.


Thornburgh, the opening speaker, had been Pennsylvania's governor for only 72 days when what is still the nation's worst nuclear accident unfolded just outside of Harrisburg.

Denton worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and provided a calm, knowledgeable voice amid public chaos and confusion in the early days of the 1979 crisis.

Meanwhile, an anti-nuclear power group called No Nukes Pennsylvania is planning to hold its 32nd vigil outside TMI's north gate starting at 3:15 a.m. Friday.