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Many choices when picking the perfect Christmas tree

Published On: Dec 04 2012 04:37:08 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 04 2012 05:38:49 PM EST

The weather may not feel like it, but Christmas is only three weeks away.

BATH, Pa. -

The weather may not feel like it, but Christmas is only three weeks away.  That means time is running out to get a tree, but how do you know which one to choose?

"We have narrow trees, fat trees, skinny trees," said Roger Unangst, owner of Unangst Tree Farm in Bath, Northampton Co.  "We have trees for any spot."

Unangst has some 85,000 Christmas trees to choose from, and everyone has a different way of choosing the perfect one.


"[My son] saw that it said 'Douglas,' and he thought it was a good name," said Shannon Phillips, of Northampton.  "So we decided to just get a Douglas fir today."

Dianne Walker of Bethlehem picked a Frasier fir for the smell.

"It just smells like Christmas!" she said.

Other trees, like Concolors, have an orange smell.

"They all smell like pine to me," said Al Evans, of Scotrun, Pa.  'I'm sure the cat will notice!"

Unangst said it's all highly subjective

"It all depends what your memory of Christmas is," he said.

If you have allergies, he suggested sticking with trees with less dense foliage, like Frasiers and Canaans.

"They tend to be more open, and the dust spores and things tend to be less in those trees," said Unangst.

Once you head home, get that tree in water, or at least wet mulch, within 24 hours, or it will "scab."

"The sap where it's cut, the sap comes out and it literally forms a scab that's impenetrable by water," said Unangst.

If you haven't gotten your tree yet, you'd better get it soon.  Even a huge farm like Unangst will probably run out of taller Frasiers soon.  That's because trees take eight years to grow, so way back then, they had to predict what would be popular now.