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Warren County Freeholders discuss voter approval of County indebtedness

Published On: Jan 23 2013 11:16:29 PM EST

Giving voters a voice in regards to county debt was again the topic of discussion in Warren County Wednesday night.

The Warren County Freeholders continued discussion about the resolution presented by Deputy Freeholder Director Edward Smith regarding requiring voter approval of bonded indebtedness of the County.

Smith has brought this resolution to the Freeholders previously and has altered the resolution according to comments made by fellow Freeholders, Jason Sarnoski and Richard Gardner. Sarnoski and Gardner expressed their concerns with the altered resolution after Smith presented it at the meeting.


The altered resolution Smith presented to the Freeholders states that the Freeholders will not require voter approval for any debt in excess of 1% of the total appropriations of the County.

“I don’t support the 1%, I would rather a 2% [cap],” said Gardner.

“I know that the state goes with 1%, but they have a much bigger budget than we do,” added Sarnoski.

After thorough discussion, Smith stated that he would prefer not to go to 2%, but he will not allow that to be the reason this resolution does not get passed. Smith will rework this resolution to present to the Freeholders at the next meeting.

“I do expect we have this on the agenda, possibly even at the next meeting,” stated Sarnoski.

Both Gardner and Sarnoski stated that they would be in favor of this resolution if the percentage cap was raised from 1% to 2% of the total appropriations of the County.