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Warren County Freeholders discuss Technical School funding

Published On: Feb 06 2013 11:56:56 PM EST

The Warren County Technical School approached the County Board of Freeholders to help offset costs to provide a more fulfilling education to its students.

The Technical School explained that there has been a lack of funding to the school from the State as well as local School District’s in recent years, which has put a strain on the level of education that the students receive.

“Because we are a technical school, we have to invest in our career programs,” commented a representative from the Warren County Technical School.


The cost of keeping up with the required technology for careers such as engineering and automotive is proving to be too great for the School’s current budget.

The School has increased the cost of tuition for the students approximately 2% each year for the past few years and will continue to increase tuition costs for next year. The current tuition cost per student is approximately $2,300 per year, which is still almost $8,000 less than what a public school district would pay to educate each student.

Aside from the cost of updating technology throughout the school, other areas that they were looking to the Board of Freeholders to help fund or partially fund include a sinkhole in the parking lot and replacing the generator at the school.

After thorough discussion, the Board of Freeholders decided to begin saving a portion of their budget to help offset the costs at the Technical School. They will begin by saving $50,000 in this year’s budget to go towards replacing the generator at the School so the building can be used as an emergency housing facility in the case of a natural disaster.

The Board of Freeholders went on to discuss how to further balance their overall budget. This discussion will continue at the final Budget meeting this Saturday. In the case of inclement weather and the meeting is cancelled, it will be rescheduled for the following Saturday.