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St. Luke's invests in renovations for Warren Hospital

Published On: Mar 05 2013 11:46:59 PM EST   Updated On: Mar 06 2013 08:05:20 AM EST
Phillipsburg Town Council

St. Luke’s University Health Network has decided to invest $30 million in its Warren Hospital campus in Phillipsburg, N.J. They plan to make renovations to the main hospital unit and the Hillcrest Mall medical property as well.

Scott Wolfe, president of St. Luke’s Warren Hospital, presented the renovation plans to the Phillipsburg town council on Tuesday night to update them in person rather than have them hear about the plans in the news.

About two thirds of the $30 million investment, or $20 million, will be spent on renovations to the main campus. Rebuilding totally would not be effective at Warren Hospital, according to Wolfe.


Renovations will be made in the outpatient, inpatient and observation areas of the hospital. The intensive care unit will be upgraded and the patient care rooms will be renovated. The infrastructure will also be improved with new generators, HV/AC units and sprinkler systems. Wolfe also mentioned that the ambulatory site at Warren Hills will see improvements and expansions as well.

Several millions dollars will also be spent on the Hillcrest Mall property. Hillcrest Mall will offer heart and vascular services, women’s health amenities, neurological services and expanded orthopedic facilities.

These women’s health amenities will not include child delivery, however. The St. Luke’s planning commission agreed with Warren Hospital’s decision to discontinue baby deliveries from before the hospital joined the St. Luke’s network. This decision was based on conclusions that continuing to do deliveries was not cost-effective or clinically effective, since the number women capable of childbearing in the area is not going up, according to Wolfe.

Wolfe credited the merger between Warren Hospital and St. Luke’s with making these renovations possible.

“We are able to operate more effectively by saving millions that we would not have been able to do as a private institution,” said Wolfe. “We are happy to have a second infusion of capital from the network and we are pleased to spend a good chunk of that money on the main campus and to have the ability to update ambulatory service because in the future much patient care will be happening in ambulances.”

The Phillipsburg town council expressed their support for the impending projects at Warren Hospital.

“Warren Hospital was a struggling institution and for you to reach out and revitalize that institution is just tremendous and we enjoy when you come up here and tell us that it was a good decision,” said Bernie Fey, Jr., Phillipsburg town council president.