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Police analyze PCP after 2 NJ children killed

By 69 News & Associated Press, (follow: @69news),
Published On: Sep 05 2012 10:38:26 AM CDT
NJ attack kills boy

NJ attack kills boy


Police are trying to determine if a contaminated batch of PCP is going around Camden after a child was decapitated and two other children's throats were slashed by people believed to be using the illegal drug.

They've begun analyzing batches of PCP for something that would cause such violent behavior.

A 6-year-old boy was killed Sunday trying to save his 12-year-old sister when they were assaulted in their home. Police say the man charged, Oswaldo Rivera, admitted he smoked PCP in the hours before the attack.

Also preliminary tests on a woman who decapitated her child then killed herself showed she had PCP in her system.