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Hot Dog! How to keep your pet cool with soaring temperatures

Published On: Jun 19 2012 07:38:37 AM EDT   Updated On: Jun 19 2012 08:38:25 AM EDT

Hot Dog! How to keep your pet cool with soaring temperatures


With hot temperatures on the horizon, there are certain precautions you should take to beat the heat. Veterinarians and animal lovers are urging you to take special care of your pets in the warmer temperatures.

The number one thing to keep in mind is to never leave your pet in a car with these rising temperatures. The Lehigh Co. Humane Society says even with your windows cracked on an 85 degree day, the temperature inside your car can rise to 102 degrees in 10 minutes, and 120 degrees in just 30 minutes. Temperatures rise even fater and even hotter on a warmer day.

If you see a pet left in a hot car, call police and the local animal shelter right away. It's also a good idea to note the make and model of the car and talk to the store or restaurant to see if they can make an announcement or talk to customers to find the pet's owner. That way you can immediately get the pet out of the heat without waiting for officers to arrive.

If an animal becomes overheated and has rapid panting, the Human Society says it should be patted down with cool towels. If the pet is worse, you can immerse it in cool water.

Another summer issue is leaving pets outdoors while you go to work. Experts say you should never do that, even if you have adequate shade and water for the animal. They say the animal could easily knock over the water bowl 5 minutes after you leave for work.

If you watch the video that's attached, the pet featured is up for adoption at the Lehigh Co. Humane Society.