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Christie to Congress: Put aside the politics and help our people now

Published On: Jan 30 2013 12:46:28 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 03 2013 05:14:35 AM EST

Chris Christie urges Sandy funding


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday blasted fellow Republican John Boehner for the House Speaker's decision to delay a vote on Superstorm Sandy relief and said the inaction is "inexcusable."

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican, said Boehner on Wednesday promised votes to aid Sandy victims by Jan. 15.

The speaker, King said, will schedule a vote Friday for $9 billion in flood insurance and another on Jan. 15 for a remaining $51 billion in the package. The votes will be taken by the new Congress that will be sworn in Thursday.


Boehner made the promise in a private meeting with lawmakers from affected states, said King, who, like Christie, was critical of Boehner's decision to delay action.

Christie said the House is playing politics with the $60 billion aid request and it's hurting Northeasterners who are relying on aid to be able to repair their homes, reopen businesses and make decisions about how to rebuild after the October storm.

In a news conference, Christie said the Republican majority in the House, led by Boehner, is the "only group to blame" for the continuing suffering.

Christie said it's been 66 days since the storm hit and nearly a month since President Obama proposed an aid package, which was passed by the Senate.

The governor, who is one of the nation's highest-profile Republicans, hinted that he might campaign against some members of his own party who acted to delay a storm-aid vote.

In the days after the storm, Christie frequently praised President Obama, a Democrat, for his response and attentiveness.