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Atlantic City still cleaning up from storm

Published On: Nov 01 2012 10:53:20 PM EDT   Updated On: Nov 02 2012 06:06:37 AM EDT

Three days after the storm, many are just beginning to pick up the pieces in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Thousands are still without power, including all of the casinos. Officials say it may take days before power is restored.

While it's still unclear when residents will be able to return to their homes, those who didn't evacuate, like business owner Philip Weinberg, the devastation is too much.


“I could cry. I'll never get it back, never get it back,” said Weinberg.

Even though Weinberg says he may never get back the money he lost, it will take at least a week and a half for his business to be up and running again. But he says he's lucky compared to those who lost their homes.

The loss of power also isn't helping those who rely on the casinos for their paycheck.

“The situation here in Atlantic City is not really too good because all the casinos, all the hotels, shut off. Nobody has a job right now,” said Norma Torres, who works at the Revel casino.

What's normally a bustling boardwalk is now a ghost town, businesses have had to board up and wait just like the residents.

For now, those who have power are still unable to fill their fridge with only a handful of corner stores open.

As for the state of the city, residents can only hope.

“It's sad, sad. I could cry. It's going be a long time before people get back. The economy wasn't great as it was, you well know, you know?” said Weinberg.

“It's kind of like down, everybody's unhappy here in Atlantic City. We want to make Atlantic City happy again,” Torres said.