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Edward Snowden: Traitor or patriot? What's your take?

Published On: Jun 11 2013 03:23:46 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 12 2013 05:21:26 AM EDT

Edward Snowden's actions have sparked much debate across the country.

Edward Snowden's actions have sparked much debate across the country.

There is a clear divide among people over whether what Snowden did makes him a traitor or a patriot.

One thing is for sure. His actions have many Americans talking about personal privacy versus national security.

Ever since Snowden, a United States defense contractor, leaked details about a National Security Administration domestic surveillance program to the British newspaper, "The Guardian," people have been debating his actions.

"If people find out the guy is a traitor, then he should be punished, but you are talking about people who have power," said Wayne Clauser, of the Lehigh Valley.

The talk was equally opinionated at the Bethlehem Library.

"He saw something that was wrong and he stood up for what he thought was correct," said Gene Auman.

"I think traitor. I don't think you should be releasing U.S. secrets to other countries," said Sara Durrani.

"Should he have done it? Probably not," said Ron Littlefield. "If I was in that position, I'd probably do the same thing. I like to think I would. So, in that case, I am more on the patriot side than the traitor side."

Some said Snowden should be prosecuted for what he did, while others have started a pardon petition online.

Snowden's 12-minute interview is posted on YouTube.

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