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Life Lessons: Spring allergy secrets

Published On: May 14 2013 05:25:27 AM EDT   Updated On: May 14 2013 07:06:53 AM EDT

Life lessons allergy secrets

Around 60 million Americans have seasonal allergies, but did you know that parts of your everyday life could make symptoms flare up?

There are a few things doctors suggest you do to keep hay fever under control.

To get some relief from the runny nose and red eyes, cut back on pool time.


A recent study found teens who spend more than 100 hours in a chlorinated pool were three to seven times more likely to develop hay fever.

Also limit the alcohol. The bacteria and yeast found in alcoholic drinks can cause the body to make histamines, the chemicals responsible for things like itchy eyes and stuffy noses.

And relax! Stress can cause allergies to act up. According to a study by The Ohio State University, people had more symptoms after taking an anxiety-inducing test.

If you're worried your kids will grow up to have the same allergy problems you do, keep a pet in the house.

A study in the journal Clinical & Experimental Allergy found children's risk of developing allergies in the future is lower if they spend time around a pet during their infancy.