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Life Lessons: Dos and don'ts at the dinner table

Published On: Nov 22 2013 05:00:00 AM EST

One woman is teaching the lost art of table manners.

Kids in a local restaurant have a lot on their plate, But we're not talking about the chicken, salmon, and tomatoes.

Tia Young teaches image and etiquette classes at Roy's Restaurant. She helps them learn the right way to dine.

"You dab like this and this. You don't do like that and wipe like you're drying your face off," Young tells her students.


Young dishes out the dos and don'ts:

Don't put condiments on your food until after the first bite,

Don't bring electronics to the table,

Don't mix your food together.

"I think manners are a lost art and I really want to bring them back," Young explains.

"With the younger ones, it's hard for them to sit still and not fidget or run around and mix food, you know, on the table and put in their drink."

Young says children younger than age five probably aren't ready to do fine dining. She says to start with a fast food restaurant, then practice fine dining at home.