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Life Lessons: Car tech makes driving safer

Published On: May 24 2013 05:00:00 AM EDT

Life Lessons car technology makes driving safer

The U.S. has the highest vehicle to person ratio in the world with 239-point-eight-million vehicles. That's a lot of cars.

And that means auto makers are working harder than ever to impress buyers.

People rely on their cars every day and automakers are working to make cars smarter and safer. This year you'll see accident avoidance features like lane departure warning systems.


These things not only help keep the driver safe, they might also lower insurance rates.

Car manufacturers are always trying to make a better product.

One new safety technology is inflatable seatbelts. The belts act as an airbag and can prevent "seat belt syndrome," where organs, muscles, and spines are injured by the belt in severe crashes.

First offered in Ford's 2011 Explorers, now other companies plan to add the option.

Each year over four-thousand pedestrians die from being hit by a car, but the "dynamic-spotlight" could lower the risk.

Launched this year by BMW, the infrared camera mounted behind a car's grille can recognize the outline of a person and then signal the headlights to focus on them.

Have you ever dreamed of a car that would drive itself? Well that technology isn't that far off.

A car driven by a computer is in the works., but the technology is not yet finished, so self-driven cars won't be seen on the market for a while longer.