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Life Lessons: Top 5 mistakes of college job seekers

Published On: Mar 25 2013 06:08:31 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 25 2013 07:32:58 AM EDT

Life lessons 5 mistakes for college job seekers

Is graduating from college enough to get a job these days? Not always.

Recent studies show about 1.5 million people with four-year college degrees are jobless or they have a job, but it's not what they trained for.

It's a discouraging time for college students about to enter the workforce. They need all the help they can get to secure a job.


Candice Coleman has been looking for an entry level job since she graduated a year ago.

"I didn't think it would be that difficult just to get kind of like an entry level position," says Candice.

She moved back in with her parents and took a cashier position at the pharmacy she worked at in high school.

Candice says, "Only now, as a rehire, I make less money and have less of a job title than I did before I even graduated from high school."

In 2007, unemployment rates for college grads was 5.4 percent. Now it averages about  8.2 percent and many, like Candice, are underemployed.

Heidi Shierholz, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute says this is a disturbing trend. "They have a job, but they are not working in the field that they're trained in."

Recruiting specialist Yolanda Owens says some mistakes can set college job seekers back even more.

The first? "Following up too much, that's the biggest one," says Yolanda. She adds, don't follow up more than three times.

Another big mistake - errors on your resume or e-mails you send.

Not using social media is mistake three. You can showcase your skills for hundreds with just one post.

Getting too familiar too soon when networking is also a bad move.

The last biggie - being unrealistic. Your first job might not be your dream job.

Owens says, "The Mark Zuckerbergs of the world are very, very few and far between and you do have to put in your time."

Candice hopes her chance will come soon. She says, "One of my good friends is actually moving to Australia because that was the only job offer she could get other than an internship."

Yolanda says another common mistake job seekers make is revealing too much personal information. For instance, don't share your financial woes or child care challenges with your potential employer.

Also--make sure to customize your resume for each position apply for.

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