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Life Lessons: Keeping your home cool

By Nancy Werteen, Anchor / Reporter,
Published On: May 27 2013 04:00:00 AM CDT

Life Lessons keeping home cool

The sizzling days of summer are just about here. But as you know, trying to keep your home cool can get expensive.

If you're lucky enough to have a home cooling system, the experts say you have to use it right and maintain it to save the most money and get the best results.

They say there are a few things you can do to get your cooling system working for you. .

Bob Burkholder, owner of Burkholder's Heating and Cooling in Emmaus, has the latest technology in his home. He has a six-zone heating system with an advanced thermostat.

"Today's thermostats, you're able to go on to go on the internet. Everything is accessible from your phone -- you can change all your settings pretty much on the road," Burkholder explains.

A programmable thermostat of any kind is a great energy saver but Burkholder says there is something more important to think about.

"The key is to make sure the coils and filters are kept clean."

Otherwise the unit can't run properly. You can hire someone to clean it or do it yourself.

"Most of your air filters are mounted on the outside or on the inside so you might have to take the cover off. "

Use window shades to keep the sun out and if you do decide to upgrade your system, Burkholder says do some research."

They need to understand what they're buying like if they have a two-story home, they should have two systems."

Experts say you should also think about what heat you are generating in your home.

The most common sources of internal heat are appliances, electronic devices, and lighting. So, unless you absolutely need them, turn off lights and heat-generating appliances.

Keep the house closed up as much as you can and use ceiling fans to circulate air.