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Wilson police warn of life-threatening phone scam

Published On: Dec 03 2013 05:26:20 PM EST
Wilson police car

Albert Castro/69 News


A Wilson resident reported to borough police that "gang-bangers" would kill his injured son if he did not send them $1,500 Tuesday.

The man told police about the scam after he wired $550 to Puerto Rico and then found out his son was unharmed.

The 65-year-old male told police that he received a call on his cell phone at about  8 a.m. Tuesday.


A male voice, which sounded Hispanic, told the man his son was severely hurt in a car accident. They claimed it was a hit-and-run accident that was his son’s fault. They said the driver of other vehicle involved in the hit-and-run was a relative of the caller.

The callers stated that they were “gang-bangers" with a gun. They threatened to  shoot the son in the head if they did not get $1,500 from the father. If the father got the money and wired it to them, they said they would drop his son off at a hospital.

The man was told if he ended the call or went to the police they would kill his son. He was directed to leave the phone on at all times so they could hear him.

The victim told police there were two voices: one aggressive young male who kept saying he would shoot the son in the head and a second older male who was trying to keep the father calm.

The father was directed to go to a pharmacy and send the money to them via MoneyGram. He sent $550.00 to Puerto Rico.

As soon as the transaction was finished, the phone call disconnected and the father called his son. The son was fine and assured his father that he had not been in any kind of an accident.

Anyone with similar incidents should call the police immediately.

If anyone has any further details regarding this case, they are asked to call Detective Marc Crisafulli of the Wilson Borough Police Department at 610-258-8542