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Reverand shares past with inmates

Published On: Mar 20 2014 10:53:19 PM EDT

Minister and former drug user shares story with inmate


For Reverend Peter Jimenez, with Born Again Christian Ministry, sharing his past with inmates is key.

A former drug user and inmate himself, Jimenez says he found God while doing solitary confinement and has been sharing a message of hope ever since.

“I share my testimony, I share the word, it creates a little hunger and thirst for the word, for the change,” he said.


Jimenez says inmates who are participating in the PEAK program at Northampton County Prison, which stands for Personal Enrichment and Knowledge are seeking change from the inside out.

“I just want to turn my life around, I try every way I possibly can but this is the way, this is the only way that I know I probably can turn my life around,” said Al Harris who's participating in the program.

Harris says on the outside, he was going to church every Sunday but ever since he was arrested for violating probation six months ago, he's been unable to find ways to grow spiritually, so he joined PEAK.

“If I don't change now and they're giving me every opportunity to change, and by them putting the word in my heart. What more can I ask? I really want to change,” he said.