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Red Cross and UGI kick off partnership

Published On: Mar 21 2014 08:07:05 PM EDT

UGI and Red Cross join forces to help seniors


Two organizations are joining forces to help seniors in emergency situations.

Utility company U-G-I and the American Red Cross say they're teaming up.. to educate older Pennsylvanians on fire hazards and prevention.

Both UGI and the Red Cross say the partnership is a natural fit.


Peter Brown, Northeast Regional CEO for the American Red Cross said,"We've had a long-standing relationship with UGI. When disasters occur, we're often side-by side with their people to help manage the response."

UGI kicked off the partnership with a 100-thousand dollar donation to the Red Cross this afternoon.

The money will go toward educating seniors on fire safety.. as well as creating personal emergency packs for the elderly..  which include breathing masks and first-aid supplies.