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"Power Teaching" at Saucon Valley stumps parents

Published On: Sep 25 2013 12:19:25 AM EDT

Community members criticized the Saucon Valley Board of Education’s lack of transparency in implementing a new ‘power teaching’ method on students at Tuesday’s meeting.

 “I do not know of one parent who considers themselves fully informed on the subject,” said district member Edward Andres.

Power teaching, otherwise known as ‘whole brain teaching’, is a method that emphasizes cooperation, interactivity, and engagement with the students through quick commands and creative activities, the Board explained.


The details of this, however, were not made clear to many parents in attendance, who requested that the Board set up an informational session to explain the application and theory behind power teaching.

“I think the interest is there now, and sooner is better than later,” said Andres.

Board member Susan Baxter supported the initiative as a way to bridge the communication gap between the two groups.

“One of our goals is to continue to improve communication with the parents and this is an example of that,” she said.

The Board passed a motion to set up an information session about power teaching in the next one to two weeks.