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Police respond to reported shooting in Allentown

Published On: Jul 23 2013 07:38:56 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 24 2013 05:18:16 AM EDT

Shots ring out in Allentown


Shots rang out in downtown Allentown.

Police say a man was shot, witnesses say he was hit multiple times.

Now the search is on for the gunman.


Investigators said the shooting happened next door to a 7-Eleven and witnesses say the victim walked into the store.

It was a busy scene at Seventh and Linden streets in Allentown as police tried to piece together what took place around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Witnesses say they know the person who was shot and while they won't name names, they tell us the victim was known for robbing people on Seventh Street.

"The street code of law is different than the law of the land," said Jalil Rasheed, who lives on Seventh Street. "So they are going to come at it from a different aspect than what normal people do, or working people do."

While gaining control of the scene a lot of action was going on.  Investigators were laying down evidence markers in two different parking lots.

Police actually handcuffed three people, but later confirmed to us that they were witnesses.

Other witnesses at the scene say they heard at least eight shots.

Police won't confirm how many times the victim was shot but tell us the adult male was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest.

People living on Seventh Street just want to find a way to stop the violence.

"If you come here late night, it's very quiet on the street," added Rasheed. "It's just people that do not live on Seventh street that cause all the headaches. They don't do this in their own little neighborhood where they live at. They just bring it to seventh Street for some reason."

Investigators are still talking to witnesses and looking for more clues, but said this was not a random shooting.