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Police release 911 tapes in dog shooting

Published On: Jul 20 2013 11:30:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 21 2013 07:07:54 AM EDT

Easton police release dog shooting 911 tape


Easton police have released the 911 call and radio transmissions from the day a city officer shot and killed a pet dog.

"What address are you calling from?" a 911 operator asked.

A woman who doesn't speak English was on the line, terrified for herself and her children.  The call came in just before 4 p.m. on June 15. In the background, you can hear a dog continuously barking.


Authorities said 11-month-old pit bull Xavair was the dog causing so much fear.  Owner Autumn Kunsman said Xavair was never vicious.

"This dog licked my tears away. You know, you would get up and he'd move so that he's be right next to you," she said.

Xavair had gotten loose from Kunsman's fenced-in backyard. The neighbor and her children were just a few houses down in their own yard.

"The dog does seem pretty aggressive. It actually won't let me move right now," the officer on scene radioed.

When the officer arrived, we're told he placed himself between the dog and the family as he called for help.

"We can try the snare," he directed.  "He's not letting me move. He's kind of focused on me right now. I told the other party to get in the house so it doesn't go after them."

Minutes later, investigators said Xavair lunged at the officer. He fired two shots.

"One hit the dog directly in the front of his snout and the other one directly in the front of his shoulder," explained Chief Carl Scalzo, Easton Police Dept.

Kunsman didn't see the shooting, but she said she plans to sue the police department over the way the situation was handled.

"He could have used a Taser, or a tranquilizer, or even wound," she said.  "There is no need to shoot him in the head."