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Police look for repeat graffiti artist in Easton

Published On: Dec 09 2013 11:47:27 AM EST

Serial vandal sought


Officials in Easton are asking for your help identifying a man who they say is responsible for several cases of downtown graffiti.

"A lot of people out there know who that is and we will catch him," Mayor Sal Panto said.

Easton officials hope someone recognizes the person in a surveillance photo or that people will at least keep an eye out, like Mayor Sal Panto is doing.

"I have the picture in my car. Every time I go through town at night I'm looking at that picture to see if I see the young man," Panto added.

Police say the graffiti first showed up in early November and then again this past week.

A certain symbol - with slight variations - is what's left behind on buildings and garages throughout downtown Easton.

"We don't want people destroying public property. If they want to do an art mural, there's plenty of places to do a mural in our city and we do a lot of them," said Panto.

Mayor Panto says the city hasn't had a big problem with graffiti in the past few years.

The city removed the graffiti from November and now it's back.

"One of the things we like to do is remove it as immediately as possible because that frustrates them and they don't do it anymore," Panto said.

Police say someone else may be working with the person in this picture.


If you have any information - call Easton Police.

Investigators also want to hear from store employees who may have sold spray paint to this person--colors used include purple, pink, black and red.

"The best public safety you can have is the eyes and ears of every resident and now that picture's out there, it's on your TV screen, it's in the media, we're gonna find him or he left town," Panto added.